Published & copyrighted by BeamNG is not an official representative or the developer of this application. Copyrighted materials belong to their respective owners is a vehicular simulation game that is currently in alpha. The game is still in alpha, and has been since 2014. The game features realistic vehicle behaviors as well as realistic vehicle damage. The game is available to download on the developer's website. is a free, open-source, and realistic vehicle simulator game. It is also a sandbox game which allows you to create your own maps and vehicles for the game. The game is still in beta, and is being continuously updated.


The gameplay of is very similar to a typical driving simulator. The player has the ability to customize their vehicle as well as the map. To customize the vehicle, the player can change the engine, suspension, transmission, tires, and more. To customize the map, the player can add buildings, create or delete roads, and more. The goal of the game is to reach a destination. The gameplay of is very similar to the gameplay of other sandbox games. You can drive any vehicle around in a vast and open environment, and you can also modify the environment with props and scenery. You can drive cars, trucks, and buses, and you have to be very careful while driving because the game is very realistic.

Graphics features realistic graphics. The game includes shadows, reflections, and lighting. The graphics of are not very impressive, but this is only because the game is in beta. The beta version is a work in progress, and when it will be released, the graphics will most probably be much better.

Replayability is a unique game because it is still in alpha. Updates are constantly coming out, and the game is still being developed. is an open-source and free game, so it can be played without paying for it. It is also a very realistic game, so it can be very addicting.


Overall, is a great game with realistic graphics and realistic behaviors.


  • The game is realistic
  • The game has realistic vehicle behaviors
  • The game is still in alpha which means there is more content coming
  • Graphics are realistic


  • The game has been in alpha since 2014
  • The game can be hard to control
  • The game is still in alpha which means there is more content coming

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