GoldenEye 007: Reloaded Review

Who’d have thought that such an old, out-dated shooter would still have a place among contemporary beasts in the genre? ‘GoldenEye 007’ found a new following when it was released on Wii last year, bringing with it an enhanced presentation and new multiplayer features. Now it comes to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but is this Bond adventure worth risking your life all over again for?

Gameplay Variety – Reloaded has a surprising mix of great stealth elements, explosive action and memorable gun battles. These are molded together to make for a fun, if a little shallow first-person shooter experience. Pacing is done well for the most part, with the game rewarding patient stealth kills with moments of insane bullet flying that will stick with you for a while. You’re looking at a 10-hour campaign, and throughout that time you’ll find yourself traversing a number of different terrains, taking cover behind different objects and fighting a whole range of challenging enemies. Then there are the boss battles, thrown in for good measure that act as great break-ups between the quieter, more spy-like moments.

MI6 Ops is Insane fun – While this new addition doesn’t make up for the bewildering exclusion of Time Trials, it does add a new competitive element that provides plenty of extra value. In this fun mode you’re tasked with completing a number of set objectives, and you’ll be graded depending on how effectively and efficiently you complete them. With over 40 challenges to take part in and an increasing level of difficulty as you progress, MI6 Ops adds an extra layer of depth alongside the satisfying campaign.

Added challenge – Reloaded doesn’t just offer new difficulty levels. It also throws in new objectives and levels, making replayability a certainty if you want to experience the game in its fullest. Sure, you can blast through the game and still feel satisfied on the Normal difficulty, but the game borders ruthless on the highest difficulty, rewarding you for completing all of the most challenging of objectives. The game certainly feels to have been aimed at the ‘COD’ crowd, and the added challenge definitely makes it a worthy remake of a brilliant game.

Fun multiplayer – The multiplayer here is essentially a COD ripoff, but most first-person shooter multiplayer games are these days. What Reloaded does so well is offer a smoother and engaging multiplayer experience, with up to 16 players going up against each other in a variety of different game modes. Controls are smooth, maps are well-designed for the most part and modes are fun, so Reloaded is definitely worthy of a purchase if you’re just looking for another competitive shooter.

Awful Quick-time Events – The game’s quick-time events — instances that have you pressing a button in-time in order to initiate a cinematic — fail to engage even slightly. The implementation feels outdated and tedious, and is not even remotely enjoyable. They even dilute the weight of the cinematic moments at times, which hurts the game’s storytelling.

Barely an upgrade on the Wii version – Blurry textures throughout ultimately bring Reloaded’s presentation down a notch, as the game simply doesn’t look as good as it should. It’s quite clear that this is a Wii game with a fresh coat of paint, and while it doesn’t look terrible by any means, it could certainly look better. It can’t even compare to some of the best looking titles on Xbox 360 and PS3.

Aside from all the original content, Reloaded offers a bunch of new features and difficulty levels that give the GoldenEye experience a breath of fresh air. It still feels like the same experience, just slightly matured, and with a fun multiplayer component, solid single-player campaign and great MI6 mode, this is one first-person shooter worthy of your time.

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