Shoot Many Robots Review – Not The Cupcake Simulator I Was Expecting

Not the cupcake simulator I was expecting….

In a world where games have mind-melting stories that rival some Hollywood movies, sometimes you need a game where the objective is simple. Shoot Many Robots is exactly that; a brain dead game that is full of destruction and carnage. Is it worth the asking price?

The name says it all – When it comes to gameplay, story, mechanics, progression and even description of the game, the name says it all. You’re here for one reason and one reason only – to shoot many robots. It’s not a hard or even foreign concept, but the name of this destruction filled adventure couldn’t be any better. Players will be running through a series of levels, shooting many robots, move onto more areas, shoot some more robots, and the final moments of the game will feature an epic battle in which you shoot even more robots. Simplicity at its finest, Shoot Many Robots is easy to pick up and play.

Awesome amount of unlockable gear – Shooting those pesky robots will reaps some rewards. Based upon you combat combos, you will pick up nuts which can be spent to unlock new weapons and clothing. Each item has its place, some items of clothing will make you slower but protect you a little more, while others will allow you to move a little faster through the wasteland. When it comes to weapons, you seem to have a never ending supply of interesting and devastating firepower at your disposal. Considering the game is quite short, having so much unlockable gear increases the longevity of the title, giving you plenty of reasons to come back for more.

Four-player co-op is awesome – This is where Shoot Many Robots really shines. Four players can enter the robot filled world and unleash hell either locally or online, which increases the fun factor ten fold. The more players you add to the mix, the more robots are launched your way, making for a challenging and destructive filled experience for all involved. Co-op is the only way to truly experience Shoot Many Robots at its full potential.

Shallow gameplay – Once you have completed the first stage, you’ve experienced everything Shoot Many Robots has to offer. You run and shoot robots, collect nuts, buy new weapons and go on. Playing alone makes the game feel dull and lethargic, which could be a problem for those without friends playing with them. Unless you plan to play this co-op, we recommend staying away.

Shoot Many Robots is a simple game, and it never tries to be more than the name suggests. If you’re a fan of classic shoot-em-ups and you have three mates willing to join you for the ride, you’ll find an enjoyable co-op experience awaiting you. With plenty of unlockable gear, there is always going to be something exciting and new for you to play with, but ultimately shallow gameplay lets this one down. One for the co-op gamers out there.

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